Basket Client

This is a client for Mozilla’s email subscription service, basket. Basket is not a real subscription service, but it talks to a real one and we don’t really care who/what it is.

There are four API methods: subscribe, unsubscribe, user, and update_user. View the basket documentation for details.


Are you looking to integrate this on a site for email subscriptions? All you need to do is:

import basket

basket.subscribe(‘<email>’, ‘<newsletter>’, <kwargs>)

You can pass additional fields as keyword arguments, such as format and country. For a list of available fields and newsletters, see the basket documentation.

Are you checking to see if a user was successfully subscribed? You can use the debug-user method like so:

import basket

basket.debug_user(‘<email>’, ‘<supertoken>’)

And it return full details about the user. <supertoken> is a special token that grants you admin access to the data. Check with James Long ( to get it.


URL to basket server, e.g.