Installation & Settings


$ pip install basket-client


URL to basket server, e.g.
Default: http://localhost:8000

The URL must not end with /. Basket-client will add / if needed.

The API Key granted to you by the developers so that you can use the lookup_user method with an email address.
The number of seconds basket client should wait before giving up on the request.
Default: 10

If you’re using Django you can simply add these settings to your file. Otherwise basket-client will look for these values in an environment variable of the same name.


Tests depend on hatch for package management. To install hatch:

$ pipx install hatch

Once installed you can run the tests in all supported Python environments with:

$ make test  # equiv to `hatch run test:cov`

To run the tests with specific Python version you can specify this with hatch:

$ hatch run +py=3.10 test:cov